Purifying technology used during Flint water crisis sent to Puerto Rico

FLINT (WJRT) (2/20/2018) - It's been months since a hurricane plowed through Puerto Rico, and still many are living without water suitable to drink.

"Once all the power went out they have no way to either treat or distribute their water," says William Korreck, president of Global Treatment Solutions.

With Global Treatment Solution's Water Wagon, Korreck and his partners at DTE Energy are hoping to change that.

"The Flint water crisis kind of highlighted an international problem with water quality," Korreck said. "We go involved in treating the lead problem here which was the initial idea behind this water wagon. We would take this to community events, churches and whatever to provide purified water the the citizens of Flint."

Now, the water wagon is traveling nearly 2,000 miles through land and sea to get to the people of Puerto Rico.

"We're hearing and seeing horror stories of people drinking straight out of streams and all the health risks that would be associated with that, so we felt compelled to at least get some of that technology down there to help," Korreck said.

The Genesee County-based company says it only takes six minutes to go from a dingy brown hazardous liquid to being purified and able to drink.

The water wagon has already taken off and will be returning to Michigan in about a month.

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