Rain, Snow, Ice, Sleet, Wind, bring more travel woes to Michigan

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There will be rain showers with some embedded thunderstorms for the rest of our Sunday morning. Some areas around the Great Lakes Bay Region will be at or below freezing which means all the rain coming down could freeze on contact. Not everyone will experience freezing rain, one degrees make the difference between a nuisance storm and a highly impactful one.

Icing will likely occur in some areas on trees and power lines. You combine the weight of the ice with wind gusting to 40 mph, and the possibility of power outages becomes very real. Areas north of M-55 will experience heavy snow with blizzard-like conditions at times.

The I-69 corridor will experience winds lightening into the Sunday afternoon as the center of the storm passes directly overhead. Areas north of M-57 will experience high winds through the entire day. Think of it almost as the eye of a hurricane passing over our southern counties.

Temperatures will hover between 31-34 degrees south of the Saginaw Bay and 27-31 degrees north of it. Again, freezing rain will only occur in pockets where temperatures are 32 degrees or colder.

Overnight we'll start to clear things out with winds sustained out of the northeast at 10-20 mph. Higher on the Lake Huron shoreline. Lows fall into the upper 20s. Slick roads are possible Monday morning.

We're quiet and chilly the rest of the week .