Ray Road repair funding secured months after culvert washed out

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (6/21/2019) - Finally, a glimmer of hope for residents on Ray Road who have waited months for the roadway to reopen.

The Genesee County Road Commission is planning to repair this washed out culvert on Ray Road between Fenton and Mundy townships soon.

The Genesee County Road Commission says funds have been secured to repair a culvert washout that occurred last spring and closed the roadway in April.

"I have to go about four extra miles to work and home and everything. Everybody does," said Mike Brack, who lives along Ray Road.

He has seen Ray road break down over the past few months, eventually leading to the culvert washout and sinkhole just feet from his home.

"Late fall, a little sinkhole developed and they put a barrel over it and it go ran over so many times and moved. Back in April, a big sinkhole developed," said Brack.

That's when the Genesee County Road Commission shut down the road for good, barricading a section between Linden and Sharp roads on the border of Fenton and Mundy townships.

After working with the townships, the road commission now has secured the funding to make the necessary culvert repairs.

"It's been several months now. I just with they would get it done and do it right," said Brack.

According to engineer Eric Johnston, the road commission will be paying just over $100,000 while Mundy and Fenton townships will each pay nearly $20,000 for the road to be repaired.

No construction date has been set yet, but with the funding secured the road commission plans to start the design and permitting process.