Reaching (and sticking to) your new fitness goals

LAPEER (WJRT) - (01/01/19) - It's the busiest gym day of the year, as millions of people are hoping 2019 will be the year they get fit.

"We've had 30 people sign up in the last 2 days,' says Janelle Tank.

The year is off to a busy start for Nell Nation Fitness owner Janelle Tank.

"Even though it's a Tuesday, it's the biggest Monday of the year" says Tank. "So I think people give themselves a lot of grace for what they have done in the past and they're like, it's a new year what ever happened before doesn't matter. I'm going to get a fresh start."

But sometimes that fresh starts and comes and goes pretty quickly.

"I think that we all have an idea of to be healthy but sometimes we make it more complicated that it should be," says Tank. "Our expectations with weightless usually far surpass what is realistic to expect."

That's why Tank says setting realistic goals is the best way to start a fitness journey.

"How long can you maintain the goals that you reach," says Tank. "It doesn't matter if you reach them if you don't keep them."

For Macy O'Brian even after a year and a half, shes still setting new fitness goals everyday.

"My first day i was really nervous, but the environment and energy in here makes you want to work hard," says O'Brian. "I feel like I like coming to the gym more which is the first step for me, and this year I'm going to be more focused on personal goals."

Tank says the most important thing is not to focus on the number.

"Instead of focusing on the scale, focus on your health. If you focus on your health, you're going to end up at an optimal weight," Tank explains. "You can't be healthy and at a weight that you should be at the same time."

Tank's other big piece of advice, group classes, because everyone is stronger together.