Reality TV Pastor returns to Saginaw church for Revival Day

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SAGINAW (WJRT) - (08/25/2019) - Kim Jones-Pothier, better known as Real Talk Kim, made her return to Saginaw on Sunday and the reality TV pastor from Oxygen's Preachers of Atlanta brought a message with her.

"You may be in the worst season of your life, you might be in the biggest storm of your life but every storm runs out of rain,” said Pastor Kim. “God's just waiting for you to get up and move."

Pothier said she's thrilled to be back for another Revival Day at Word of Faith International Ministries.

"I am so pumped to be here I love this church, I love Bishop Byron and so far it’s been great,” said Pastor Kim. “It's almost like you come once and you get to know everybody and then you get invited back"

She shared her highs and lows in life with the congregation and has one goal wherever she goes.

"Basically it's just putting a fire in people's tails,” said Pastor Kim. “It's kicking people that feel stuck. It's helping people that feel like life has beaten the heck out of them and they come into this place today and my one mission and job is to love people back to life."

Senior Pastor Dr. Bryon Hayes says Kim's message fits right in with the church.

"I think what she brings fits right in the house, the message that we preach -- getting people to get up from where they are,” said Hayes. “I have a slogan and I've had it for many years. If you can look up, you can get up. And the reason I have that slogan is that I found out that if you can get a person to look up and see God they can get up from where ever they are in life"

Members of the church were invited to stick around after the service and meet Real Talk Kim as she signed copies of her best-selling book.

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