Recent study shows Thetford Township is the safest city in Michigan

THETFORD TWP, Mich. (WJRT) - (12/4/2018) - According to the website Safewise, Thetford Township is the safest city in Michigan. It's a community of about 7,000 people.

"The clientele of people living in it, there's a lot people who live here probably grew up here and I think that makes a difference," Russ Becker said.

Becker lives right on the edge of Thetford Township. Becker said the only bad thing he has ever seen was someone running a stop sign.

"Very seldom there's something going on here, a major thing, once in awhile something, but not very often."

The website used data from the FBI.The report says there were no incidents of violent crime in 2016.

"It bleeds back to the community from the fire department, the police department working together to make the community safe," Steven Gilkes said.

Gilkes has owned Ed's Archery for more than 40 years in Thetford Township.

"We are a small town so we're kind of out of the big city, we're a nice quiet area."

There were 20 communities on the list. Thetford Township ranked No. 1. Plymouth in Wayne Count rounded out the list.

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