Record number of women elected in Tuesday's midterm

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (11/07/18) - Women in power.

It's happening all across the country. From newly elected governors to first time congresswomen, women are making history in the world of politics.

"It's exciting that women, that there are so many women have finally been elected to serve," said Linda Huff, president of League of Women Voters of Flint. "The reality is that women have gotten to the point where they said I need to run for office because somebody has to fix this system."

Huff is not surprised by the midterm results, which elected females to a quarter of the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

"Pleased, not surprised. I think women have gotten to the point that they realize that they have to be part of the solution and other women recognize it," Huff said. "I think that women are such a tough position from equal pay, to rights over their own bodies, that they finally said enough."

At least 123 women will be in the next Congress after Tuesday's midterm elections, breaking the 115th Congress' record of 112. Forty women of color who are headed to the House.

Some of Tuesday's firsts:
-- The first female senator from Tennessee.
-- The first female governors of South Dakota and Maine.
-- The first Democratic Latina elected as a governor.
-- The first Muslim woman in Congress.
-- The first African American congresswomen from Connecticut and Massachusetts.
-- The first Native American woman in Congress.

"That's probably the most positive part of this whole thing, is maybe we are embracing more pluralism," Huff said. "We are seeing minority people down in the South that have achieved great things. We're seeing Native American women, Muslim women for the first time in Congress, that's exciting to me."

But even with Tuesday night's success at the polls, Huff said there is still a long ways to go.

"I think satisfied is the better thing, because women are finally feeling empowered enough that they can run and they can make difference and they actually did get elected," she said. "So I'm satisfied and I'm hopeful."

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