Red Cross and other organizations offer assistance for tornado victims

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) (3/15/19) - The sound of chain saws and generators pierce the air as search and rescue volunteers and utility workers help restore power and help those in need after Thursday night's tornadoes.

"We're going to look and see if we find anybody that needs help. We're searching for lost animals, people that have been displaced or possibly passed away so we can give closure," said Brian Antisdel, Cajun Navy Foundation Relief Manager.

"I went back to our warehouse, brought a load of supplies back and then now we're waiting, if there are people who have needs, they call 2-1-1, our teams will be there almost immediately to help them clean-up, move debris, cut up trees, etc," commented Greg Martin, from Disaster Relief at Work.

The Red Cross has mobilized too, setting up a shelter at the Corunna Community Center for those displaced by the twisters.

"I know that we will be providing distribution of emergency supplies soon to the communities so helping folks kinda get into the process of cleaning up and that," added Kelly King, Red Cross Mid-Michigan Executive Director.

While the rebuilding process will take time, neighbors are helping neighbors, a good sign that there is plenty of moral support that will last well into the future.

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