Remembering Grand Blanc Township woman allegedly killed by boyfriend

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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (2/14/2018) Neighbors on Southampton Avenue in Grand Blanc Township are horrified after learning their neighbor was allegedly killed by her live-in boyfriend, David Reid.

Ranee Baas Mckelvey's next door neighbors said the man moved in with her last December after they met online. They said they never had a good feeling about him, but also never had the opportunity to get to know him.

"I've just seen him. He wouldn't make eye contact," Brad Howard said. "You know, he just, anytime someone would come outside, he'd run in the house. It was like he just didn't want to be seen."

Howard, his mother and his fiance watched Reid leave their next door neighbor's Southampton Avenue home Saturday night, just moments after Grand Blanc Township police believe he killed Mckelvey.

"Very unfair. He took somebody very precious in this world out because of his psychotic ways. He better never get out of jail. He better just rot in jail," Howard's fiance said.

She was too upset to identify herself. The woman said she's known Mckelvey for 18 years.

"Anytime I needed her she was there. She was there for my children, she was there for me, every time I needed anything, she was always there," the woman said.

The Genesee County Prosecutor's Office said coworkers went to check on Mckelvey Sunday afternoon because she didn't show up for work. When they arrived, they found the 53 year old face down on her bed.

Police believe her boyfriend suffocated Mckelvey before turning on the natural gas line behind the stove and lighting several candles, potentially to burn down her home.

"Just watching this guy day by day not knowing what's going on behind closed doors, then to find out this guy was who he was, it's a shock," Howard said.

His fiance added, "I couldn't even believe my eyes. I watched her come out of the house and I just stood here with my boys in shock."

Howard and his fiance described Mckelvey as more than just a neighbor, they said they considered her family.

"She shouldn't have left us," the woman said.

Reid is currently on parole for assault with intent to commit great bodily harm, in connection to an incident in Wayne County.

He's facing open murder and attempted arson for Mckelvey's death.

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