Reminder to keep an eye out for loved ones struggling with addiction

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MICHIGAN (WJRT) (11/28/2019) - Families Against Narcotics is reminding everyone as you catch up with your family, there are signs you can look for to know if they are one of the many in our community struggling with an addiction.

"It's tough right? In the holidays, you haven't seen someone in awhile. The last thing you want to do is start to dig up old bones or try to get into that cleaning out their closets and such," explained Aaron Rubio a Regional Director for FAN.

He said addiction doesn't go away during the holidays.

"You can see it in some folks. You can see some of the characteristics of those struggling with addiction - weight loss, pale skin, dark eyes," Rubio explained.

And, he said, you can hear it in conversations with them.

"There are certain things when somebody talks about escaping reality, stresses are piling up, have to find a way out, they just like to be numb from situations like this. Those type of generalization comments are something that okay something's going on there," he said.

But Rubio added, don't pull them aside right then and there. He suggested waiting until you can be one-on-one and truly check in with them. That way you can find out if it is an addiction or whatever else might be going on with your loved one.

"Then, you can kind of bring it up on a friend to friend manner, as opposed to a confrontational manner in front of family," Rubio explained. "And, begin to provide help for that person and get 'em the help they need."

He said one big thing the host should pay attention to is the medicine cabinet.

"It's the one place you can go in someone's home, lock the door and have your privacy that you need and no one knows what's going on," Rubio explained.

He asked that any prescriptions are locked up in a safe, inaccessible place.

"Just everybody should be aware of protecting what you have and watching your families," he said.

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