Renovations at Genesee County Animal Control will benefit both animals and humans

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FLINT (WJRT) - (4/18/19) - Despite our rainy weather, construction continues at Genesee County Animal Control.

It's an ambitious multi-million dollar renovation project.

Heavy equipment moves dirt around outside Genesee County Animal Control.

Inside, construction workers wiring new hallways and add paint to rooms which will soon be home to several hundred dogs and cats.

At a cost of more than 8 million dollars, this complete modernization will create a more sanitary environment, with different wings for animals, depending on their condition.

"We have to separate strays and adoptable animals just because we don't want the disease transfer," said Paul Wallace, Genesee County Animal Control Director.

New hvac systems will not only improve the smell that hits your nostrils, but also help prevent the spread of diseases.

"With the modern roof-top units that we're bringing in, each one of the wards will have their own air supply. This helps in a lot of different ways, but one thing is we turn over the air twelve times an hour," Wallace added.

Kennel floors literally will have a river flowing through them which will also help with cleaning and keeping odors at bay.

Customers are looking forward to the changes.

"It's a great opportunity to see that you guys are making improvements to make it bigger or better for the dogs, cats or any stray animals or someone that doesn't want their animals," commented Shalatoi Barnes from Flint.

"I think it will be nice, think they need it, so I think it will be a good thing, even though it sucks right now, it will be good in the long run," said Melissa Estes, a Flint Township resident.

A new front lobby will have separate areas set up for adoptions, licenses and drop-offs to help speed-up waiting times.

There will also be combination indoor/outdoor areas for dogs to stretch their legs, as well as social community spaces for multiple cats to enjoy.

Renovations are expected to be competed sometime this fall.

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