Rep. Kildee points finger at President Trump for GM plant closure in Warren

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WARREN (WJRT) - (7/31/19) - Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and Representative Dan Kildee of Flint spoke to GM workers, Tuesday, before the GM plant in Warren will shut its doors. They are pointing the finger at President Donald Trump as to why some of the workers will be out of a job.

"Manufacturing jobs in Michigan have gone down under this president. The trail of broken promises runs far and deep," said Perez.

Kildee said workers should not forget the promises made by Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

"We won't forget in 2016 when the current president, when candidate Trump came to Michigan and as the chairman said told the workers of that factory that you will not loose this plant. You will not loose your job," said Kildee. "He made promises cynical promises that he knew he couldn't keep but he did so because that's what he does. He just says what he thinks will win the day and does not demonstrate any serious commitment to the people, the working people in this country."

GM says the end of production is an emotional time and the automaker wants employees to stay with the company.

GM is shutting down the plant in Warren on Friday.

It has been in operation for 61 years.

Right now some 200-workers make six-speed transmissions used in sedans. GM is discontinuing the models as customer demand trends towards trucks and SUVs.

The company says 60 employees will transfer to other factories and 25 more are retiring.