Repairing roads along shoreline could impact other projects this spring

Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 5:45 PM EST
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(2/11/2020) - Construction is wrapping up on a $300,000 emergency project on M-25 in Sanilac County and this project is just one of many from across the state.

The road needed to be stabilized to prevent further erosion of the shoreline because of high water levels on Lake Huron. The stretch of road is between Applegate Road and French Line Road just south of Port Sanilac.

For business owners and those who live in Port Sanilac, the road is a main route in and out of town.

"M-25 is the life boat for all of the businesses here both in terms of suppliers bringing their merchandise in and people coming up from the metropolitan area to vacation here in the summer time," said David Blaine, who lives near Port Sanilac.

Jocelyn Hall, the communications representative for the Michigan Department of Transportation's Bay Region said that there are around 40 areas of roadway that crews are monitoring across the state.

"And that's really just where our list is right now as a starting point," she said. "It very well could expand from here."

Hall said that MDOT does have emergency reserves in their budget to pay for repairs like in Sanilac County but that those funds are limited.

Hall said that some work in the future could be impacted if more money is needed to make repairs.

"That may mean that we have less summer maintenance money to spend filling potholes, any last minute resurfacing jobs that we might want to do to try and smooth out our road and get a few more years out of it," she said. "Some those projects could be pretty limited this summer."

Hall said that funding has their hands tied on deciding what work gets done and where.

"This is something that we're working, you know, as proactively as we can to try and get ahead of but when you are as limited as we are from a budget standpoint, it makes it really difficult to be able to do some of the things that we know we might need to do," she said.

Hall said that high water is impacting other areas than just along the shoreline. Crews are monitoring bridges and culverts to make sure that high water in lakes and rivers are not impacting those, as well.

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