Researchers looking to learn more about Flint's water emergency

Published: Nov. 30, 2017 at 4:44 PM EST
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(11/30/2017) - People still have a concern about their water and data collectors are hoping to learn more their issues.

They're asking people if they have become more or less emotionally and physically stable since learning there were large amounts of lead in their water.

“I think it is more emotional having to go get water and that whole process and adding that burden to your life,” Marlando Wade said.

Flint Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma Program and Michigan State University have put together this survey.

More than a couple of dozen volunteers are going door to door in 30 randomly selected neighborhoods in Flint Thursday through Saturday. They're asking people a survey of more than 40 questions about their water needs years after the water emergency.

"What their current water sources are, if they have filters in their home and if they had trouble getting water,” said MSU Research Associate Rodlescia Sneed.

One man said he still has issues with Flint's water.

"It's dry and I can't really use it because it's drying my skin out real bad,” Ronald Walker said.

So, he's been sticking with bottled water, which is a case and a half each week. Despite what he believes is causing him to have back pain he’ll continue to carry water bottles up to his apartment.

Researchers will take these notes from what they learn this week and compare them to their 2016 survey.

“Just to see if there have been any improvements and if there are on-going improvements that have not been addressed,” Sneed said.

Researchers are looking to have preliminary results in December, but might not have full detail results until next year.