Resident describes bizarre scene of car hitting his house, woman emerging from trunk

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FLINT (WJRT) (10/30/2017) - Bobby Wash was watching the Dallas Cowboys football game and cooking himself a meal Sunday evening when a bizarre scene unfolded outside -- and partially inside -- his house.

A mess in the yard and a boarded up wall are all that's left of a bizarre hit-and-run crash into a house near the intersection of Barrie and Tuxedo avenues.

"All of a sudden I heard boom, and I thought explosion," he said a day later.

Wash looked through his kitchen window near the intersection of Barrie and Tuxedo avenues to see flashing red lights outside -- and half of a car.

The other half was lodged in his house.

"The guy starts hollering, 'Help! Help Me! Help!'" Wash said.

Wash ran outside and called police.

"There's a car hanging halfway in my basement, halfway sticking out and some guy jumped out hollering, 'Help help help! Help!'" Wash said. "And then I come out and they're all gone. Where y'all at, talking about help?"

Wash saw a few people running down the street. The Dodge sedan was left teetering half in the house with the doors and trunk wide open.

The Flint Police Department says the driver's girlfriend had actually been in the trunk. The two got in a fight when she refused to give him money, so he shoved her in the trunk and drove away.

When the car crashed into the house she managed to escape.

Wash said he doesn't care about the drama, he just wants his house fixed.

"All the other stuff that go on around here, I don't care nothing about," Wash said. "I ain't got nothing to do with that."

He's living without heat or water because the crash damaged mechanical systems in the house. He's left with a flooded basement after broken water pipes poured water for a couple hours.

But he's just happy to be safe.

"I'll be alright. I'm healthy, my health is good," Wash said. "That's all that matters."

Anyone with information about the driver is asked to call the Flint Police Department.

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