Residents grow concerned over compost facility operations

LAPEER TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) - A new compost facility, GFL Environmental, has began bringing compost from 63 communities across south eastern Michigan to the rural area of Lapeer Township, leaving residents worried.

"A lot of garbage, a lot of plastic and its all going right into our ground," says Lapeer resident, Allen Hall.

More residents in Lapeer Township continue to raise concerns as a compost facility begins their operation.

"The smell is horrible, the amount of traffic is horrible," says Hall. "17 trucks in an hour and obviously the amount of compost that they are composting."

For Allen Hall, his property is right next to it. The piles can be seen and smelled from his backyard.

"We live here our kids grew up here. No body wants that in their community, but if they're going to do business, I get it, but there are rules and guidelines that should be followed," says Hall.

But that isn't the only concern for those in the neighborhood.

"You can look at the piles, they're right next to the water, but how deep are those lakes," asks another nearby homeowner, Bob Boyd. "That's going down into the ground water. I'm drinking that, I'm taking a shower in that, I'm cooking in it. Am I poisoning myself?"

According to GFL, they say they're been working closely with the Michigan DEQ to verify no water will be contaminated. As for the trash found in the compost piles, a representative from GFL says, without seeing them, they can't verify how they got there.

They also say quote, "they are not bringing trash into the facility."

As for residents like Hall, they say they hope to see something done.

"I don't mind them operating a business. I want them to operate it and one abide by the law," says Hall. "Two be considerate of the residents around you, and three go by exactly what you said you were going to go by."

A meeting will be help to discuss the facility will be held on Monday at Lapeer Township Hall at 7 pm.