Residents upset with added delay to sidewalk repairs in Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) - (07/03/19) - People are still waiting for their sidewalks or front lawns to be repaired following pipe exploratory work due to the Flint Water Emergency. Some residents tell ABC12 they are running out of patience.

"I take a lot of pride in my home, and this is an aggravation," said Mickey Berry.

Mickey Berry has lived in his home on Brandon Street and Clara Avenue since 1962. Last fall he says his lead pipes and shutoff valve were replaced, leaving a portion of his front yard torn up for the last several months.

"Nobody has approached any of our neighbors or us to get this taken care of," Berry said.

He's not alone. Just one block over on Yale Street, Mary Eddy has been dealing with a torn up portion of her yard since last summer after having her lead pipes replaced. She's concerned about her grand-kids and other children in the neighborhood.

"I'm scared that when they ride their bikes they're going to fall," Eddy said. "A kid did fall and smashed her head. I thought she really cracked her head. She didn't; thank God, but I really hope they get this fixed."

Across South Ballenger Highway there is more of the same on Herrick Street, Arlene Avenue, Brown Street and so on. It's an area ABC12 was in about a year ago because of complaints about the sidewalk. Almost a year later, there's been relatively no change according to residents.

There are 15,000 addresses in Flint like that need to have restoration work done on the yards. Flint City Council is working through a contract dispute to figure out which contractor will do the work after the state found a discrepancy in calculations for a bid award to Goyette Mechanical for $12 million.

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Council will revisit the issue Monday. But in the mean time - some residents have taken matters into their own hands to fix the sidewalk themselves. Others are eager for a resolution.

"We appreciate the fact that they did the water shutoff valves and the water lines but we need to get the job finished," Berry said.

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