Retired school personnel donate $10k back to local schools

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OWOSSO (WJRT) - (05/06/2019) - This week many Michigan schools will have 10,000 reasons to celebrate Teacher Appreciation week.

That's how much money Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel is donating to schools in need.

"One of the realities for public school employees, especially the teachers, they really do reach into their own pockets for money every year, said Mark Guastella, executive director for MARSP. “They may be little things but they are always reaching into their pockets."

And that's why Guastella and the organization are donating $10,000 to local school projects.

"We are going to try to do flash funding again this year for the second time to try to maximize the number of classrooms, the number of students, the number of teachers, the number of buildings, the number of districts that get a positive result from the completions of these projects," said Guastella.

Many of the projects include small things like supplies, reading materials, or even new technology for classes.

Owosso's Emerson Elementary is among the schools looking for assistance to make classrooms a better learning environment. And every bit goes a long way.

"It really boosts their morale, it makes a difference in the school culture which ultimately affects the learning that goes on which is our main goal here,” said Jessi Anderson, Emerson Elementary principal. “I feel like it's very, very important for teachers to feel appreciated."

Anderson says their goal is take care of their kids and while the schools help out financially as much as possible, they can’t help in all situations.

"Funding is just not there,” said Anderson. “As much as we all want to it's just not there. So it's great that these companies and organizations step in and help."

On Monday when you support a classroom, your donation will be matched by

If you’d like to support a classroom or school near you head to You can find a link attached to this story.

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