Rev. Al Sharpton advocating for people to seek justice after Flint's water emergency

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FLINT (WJRT) (9/16/2018) - A Civil Rights activist was in Flint Sunday.

Reverend Al Sharpton urged people to be part of a civil lawsuit following the Flint water emergency.

The Baptist minister wants those impacted by the water emergency, to hold the ones responsible, accountable.

“It happened four years. It didn't happen yesterday, four years and we still can't trust the water,” Sharpton said.

He spoke to a crowd of around 200 people inside New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church in Flint.

"History will say that they poisoned an American city and nobody did anything to change it,” Sharpton said.

The civil rights activist was invited to the Vehicle City to help sign up more people to a civil lawsuit.
The law firm Napoli Shkolnik already has close to 5,000 seeking justice.

"Somebody needs to pay for what they did to this town,” he said.

Carolyn Tyler is one of the many who jumped on board with the lawsuit when the reverend visited Mid-Michigan.

"We are not to be forgotten that they poisoned our city to no fault of the citizens here. We had no control over it. They put a city manager over our city and caused all of this mess,” Tyler said.

The lawsuit has worked its way through the justice system for the past two years.
Attorney Paul Napoli says he's hoping to have a trial in front of a judge soon.

"We’re hoping to put in front of a judge a discovery order that will allow our cases to go through discovery and set a trial for next spring,” Napoli said.
"It is counted on us to use this day as a milestone to go forward,” Sharpton said.

The law firm is planning on meeting with the judge overseeing this case in ten days.