Riding into a new hobby

Jodi Hall, head trainer at Executive Farms inc., says she was teaching about 40 horse riding lessons a week.

"I had just hired another instructor, we were expanding right when this started," said Hall. "My student, which is hard to not have them around right now. I love having all my students and bringing them up into this program."

Hall can still teach from a far or about a horse length apart.

"I'm going to do some virtual lessons, and I kind of keep putting out activities and stuff on our facebook page for the kids to stay active. And pictures and stuff of the horses around here, and live videos so people can still feel apart of the farm," said Hall.

It is safe to horse back ride, because you can't get covid-19 from human to animal contact.

So, if you wanted to pick-up a new hobby it could be therapeutic for you and the horse.

"I think it's a great activity," said Mikayla Hogue, Executive Farms Inc. student. "Horse have feelings too and they can sense that everyone is going through a really hard time right now. Of course they're going to understand why and think that they're the problem. If you just are out here and caring for them like nothing is wrong, they're mentally going to be okay from it too."