Right at Home offering service for employee temperature screening

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 11:19 AM EDT
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Workplace precautions will also be an important part of reopening the state's economy, which means things like social distancing and temperature checks.

It's opening a door for businesses like Right at Home, an in home care and assistance facility. Before heading into your office or workplace,

Right at Home is offering a service to provide touch free temperature screening.

"Basically what happens is employees come through the doors and when they come in we have a touch free scanner. It’s a little bit bigger than the size of a telephone. Essentially, you put that up on the temple region and it will tell whether or not the individual has a temperature or not," said Barry Paxton, owner of Right at Home of Central Michigan.

A temperature has been identified as a symptom of COVID-19. Right at Home caregivers will help screen employees as they walk through the door. The next step is based on that employer's protocol. This service has been used in manufacturing facilities, industrial complexes, and is now being looked at in smaller environments.

"People haven't been able to go to funeral homes so as we're able to open up that's another area that we've already had a number of interest from funeral homes as well as banks. A lot of banks have closed their lobbies and now as a way to potentially open up, what they're going to do is have someone from Right at Home screen customers as they come in to keep their employees safe," said Paxton.

In addition to wearing PPE, Right at Home caregivers have completed online courses to become COVID-19 certified.

"It talks about what are the risks, airborne passages, how to appropriately put on PPE and remove the PPE. All general safety precautions," said Paxton.

These caregivers are ready to get back to work and help the community reopen.

"It's a double benefit right. It helps the employers get back to work and helps our employees get back to work and contribute as well."