Ring of Silence premieres in Flint...shines light on human trafficking

FLINT (WJRT) - (1/16/2019) In Flint on Wednesday night, the premiere of a movie that shines a light on the true story of human trafficking.

Ring of Silence was filmed in Genesee County. But this heartbreaking story could happen anywhere.

At The Capital Theatre in Flint, a red carpet premiere that is putting the spotlight on a horrible crime that is far from Hollywood's version of the problem.

Director and writer Nicole Bowers Wallace hopes to open our eyes...to how a young woman is lured into this world.

The story is based on several true ones and is eerily similar to a recent genesee county victim's case.

Ring of silence is the story of April. The young, vulnerable girl is from a suburban family and falls in love with a charming stranger online. Her fairy tale ends with her trapped, bought, and sold into the underground world of human sex trafficking.

Opening night is just the beginning for those who created...and sponsored the film.

The goal is the use this powerful film to show teenagers, parents, police and our community the signs, terror and manipulation behind human trafficking.

Tonight's premier raised more than 10 thousand dollars for Voices For Children. The non-profit organization helps victims of human trafficking.