Road closures: See places to avoid in Mid-Michigan due to flooding

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (2/21/2018) - Flooding prompted dozens of road closures around Mid-Michigan on Tuesday.

Here is a list of roadways for motorists to avoid:

-- South 8 Mile Road between Wilder and Ott roads.
-- Russell Road between Cotter and Reese roads.
-- Beaver Road between Mackinaw Road and M-13.
-- Mackinaw Road between River and Seidler roads.
-- River Road between 7 Mile and 8 Mile roads.
-- Fraser Road between River and Seilder roads.
-- Old Beaver Road between Beaver Road and Townline 14.

-- Elms Road south of Willard Road in Montrose Township.
-- Oak Road south of Coldwater Road in Richfield Township.
-- Davison Road between Belsay and Vassar Roads in Burton.

-- Ann Street from Ashman to Rodd streets.
-- Atwell Street.
-- Burch Street.
-- Currie Parkway between Madison and Main streets.
-- Dublin Avenue at Plumtree Lane.
-- Emerson Park Entrance.
-- Golfside Drive.
-- St. Andrews Road between Orchard Drive and Eastman Avenue.
-- St. Charles Street at Crissey Street.
-- Tittabawassee River Road between Dublin Avenue and Whiting Drive.
-- Tittabawassee River Road west of Green Road.
-- Towlsey Street and Crissey Street.
-- Perrine Road north of Letts Road.
-- Grant Road at Castor Road.
-- Geneva Road at McNally Road.
-- St. Charles Road at Poseyville Road. (This closure prohibits access to Whitman Drive, Atwell Street and part of Pine River Road)
-- Patterson Road.
-- Main Street from Sugnet to Orchard drives.
-- Northwood University South Entrance at Cook Road and University Avenue.
-- St. Andrews Road between Orchard Drive and Eastman Avenue.
-- Intersection of St. Charles and Crissey streets.
-- Sugnet Road between Harlow Drive and Main Street.
-- Pine River Road between Grey Road and Towsley Street.
-- Pomranky Street.
-- Poseyville Road from Ellsworth to Ashby streets.
-- Intersection of Grant Street and Castor Road.
-- Intersection of Geneva and Mcnally roads.
-- Magruder Road between M-20 and Prairie Road.
-- Intersection of Magruder and Stewart roads.
-- Orr Road between Laporte and Tittabawassee roads.
-- Perrine Road north of Letts Road.
-- Shearer Road west of M-18.

-- Intersection of Center Road and West Michigan Avenue.
-- North River Road from M-46 to Miller Road.
-- Miller Road from Hart Road to the dead end.
-- Lakefield Road between Fenmore and Merrill roads.
-- Fort Road from Gable Road to Dixie Highway.
-- Riverview Road from Dixie Highway to I-75.
-- Baumgarder between Orr and Fordney roads.
-- Raucholz Road between Townline and Ithaca roads.
-- Ring Road between Hemlock and Brennan roads.
-- Intersection of Brennan and Marion roads.
-- Carr Road between Burt and Marion roads.
-- Intersection of Stuart and Chesaning roads.
-- Amman Road between Volkmer and Chesaning roads.
-- Bueche Road north of Chesaning Road.
-- East Road between Volkmer and Gary roads.
-- Morseville Road between Courtney and Burt roads.
-- Burt Road between I-75 and Dixie Highway.
-- Intersection of East and Ferden roads.
-- Intersection of East and Johnstone roads.
-- Kramer Road between Merrill and Chapin roads.
-- Beyer Road between Kramer and Chesaning roads.

Area of Millet and Monroe streets in Flint.

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