Road dieting project would eliminate a lane of Flushing Road in Flint Township

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FLINT TOWNSHP (WJRT) - (11/16/17) - Have you ever heard of the term road dieting?

That's what the Genesee County Road Commission wants to do to a 4-lane stretch of Flushing Road between Elms and Warner in Flint Township.

Officials held a community forum at the township hall Thursday evening to explain the proposed project to nearby residents.

Road Dieting is a term for reducing the road through a rehabilitation of the existing lanes.

It would take the current four lanes of traffic down to three, one lane in each direction, plus a turn lane and wider shoulders.

The change would not cost taxpayers money.

"Every time we have a roadway that has less than 10,000 cars a day going through there, it's good for us to do a road diet," explained Fred Peivandi, the Genesee County Highway Engineer, "it makes it much safer. It would be actually a traffic calmer too."

If all goes as planned, construction could start as early as May.