Roller coaster weather means early start to pothole season in Mid-Michigan

MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (1/10/2018) - The big swings in temperatures around Mid-Michigan over the past few weeks have brought a very early start to the dreaded pothole season.

The Michigan Department of Transportation and local road crews already are getting inundated with calls for road surface repairs.

Record low temperatures from Christmas Eve through the first week of January turned into possible record high temperatures this week. While many people are enjoying the jump in temperatures, road crews say they are wreaking havoc on roadways.

"Potholes occur in this type of weather because we've seen such an extreme change in a short amount of time," said Jocelyn Hall of the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Potholes form when water seeps into the cracks in the roads and expands as it freezes. When it rethaws, it creates a surface that cars and other vehicles can puncture, creating a hole.

"This time of year in January, we're not used to getting this many calls, but we're also not used to seeing such a drastic temperature drop and then a temp spike," Hall said.

Road crews can't make permanent repairs this time of year. But with more snow undoubtedly on the way this winter, they are making temporary repairs as much as possible.

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