Roller derby teams band together to donate water to Flint

Published: Jul. 15, 2018 at 5:35 PM EDT
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(7/15/2018) - Residents have seen a decrease in the amount of bottled water made available to them over the past few months.

And on Sunday the Irish Hills Bombshells roller derby team traveled to Flint to lend a hand.

"When we got here and they were out of water I was like hey we need to do more," said Skid Vicious, a member of the Bombshells.

Skid, which she is called in the derby community, said it wasn't the teams first donation to Flint and won't be the last.

Sunday they dropped off a Uhaul with about 4 pallets of bottled water and dozens of jugs of water to West Court Street Church of God in Flint.

"Michigan is Michigan, we're going to help out everybody we can," said Vicious.

The church serves as a weekly distribution site on Saturdays from noon until supplies run out. And the roller derby community wants to make sure enough people are provided with water.

"The derby community is always very community oriented, very giving oriented," said Ocho, who plays a big part in the derby community in Michigan.

Ocho has a hidden gem in the city of Flint: one of the few banked tracks in the country. Ocho says its one of about 16 across the nation and he invites team that come and donate to skate.

"People who have come here and seen Flint want to help," said Ocho. "We're in this together, is the biggest thing with Flint. All we've got is each other."

The Bombshells weren't the only group that delivered some water Sunday. Lapeer County Demolitia Derby Queens helped out as well with around a hundred cases of bottled water courtesy of .

In a few weeks the derby community will be again getting involved with the Flint water crisis as the Chicago Knockouts will travel to the Vehicle City to donate over 2000 bottles of water.

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