Roscommon County businesses victimized by credit card scam

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ROSCOMMON COUNTY (WJRT) (11/22/2017) - Roscommon County police are warning businesses to be aware of a credit card scam being perpetrated in the area.

Most often in the evening, several people enter a store together and try to purchase a large quantity of the same item -- sometimes dozens of cigarette packs, several bottles of hard liquor or hundreds of dollars worth of preloaded gift cards.

The subjects then try to use several different credit cards to pay for the purchase. If one of the credit cards is denied, someone in the group often offers to assist the cashier with overriding the denial.

The Roscommon County Sheriff's Department says most of the credit cards being used are fraudulent while some are reproductions of a legitimate card held by an innocent victim.

The scammers have visited several businesses on a single night. Police haven't been able to track them down because it appears they are not from the area.

Employees who believe they are being scammed are asked to call 911 if possible. Police say they should avoid confronting any suspected scam artists directly in case violence breaks out.

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