Roundabout Nearly Ready...

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MOUNT PLEASANT (WJRT) - (07/21/17) - A mid-Michigan road project is set to wrap up soon, much to the delight of drivers and local businesses.

After more than two months of construction, motorists in the Mount Pleasant area will literally be able to travel in circles.

"It's definitely affected the business," said Chris Halliday, a salesperson at Central Motor Sports.

Cars have yet to travel on fresh pavement as road crews finish up a 1.4 million dollar roundabout at US-127 & North Mission Road in Mount Pleasant.

Some line painting and cleanup remain, but most of the circular pathway is completed.

It's been a cause of concern and amusement for nearby businesses.

Brenda Collins from Cook Christian Supplies noted, "We've had more people stop and ask how do I get around to a different place now that this is blocked off."

Ron Clark from The Sour Apple, another business near the intersection added, "We're kind of a glass store, so busting up the cement out there was kind of a challenge for us for a while."

According to MDOT, the roundabout was badly needed.

Traffic studies showed there have been many accidents, some causing serious injuries to drivers at the former intersection which supported around 14,000 vehicles a day.

For area residents and local retailers, the new design should do more than help prevent accidents and injuries.

"I think in the long run it's going to help everybody. It's going to slow traffic down in and off the expressway.
And with the slower traffic, maybe we'll get a few more looks over our way," Halliday said.

Collins added,"I think it will be a wonderful thing, because people coming off the freeway would come around too fast and it just was a dangerous intersection."

If all goes according to plan, this roundabout will be open as soon as late Saturday night, weather permitting.

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