Saginaw County Animal and Control Center closed temporarily due to spreading illness

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (10/31/2017) - The Saginaw County Animal Care & Control Center will be closed for the rest of this week and next weekend to help slow the spread of an illness affecting animals there.

The facility has seen an increase in parainfluenza activity recently, according to a statement released Tuesday by Director Lisa Stoffel.

While the shelter is shut down, staff will work on deep cleaning inside and the animals being treated for the illness will remain in isolation. It is scheduled to reopen for regular hours on Nov. 6.

The statement warns pet owners who have been in the facility within the past couple weeks to be on the lookout for flu-like symptoms in their dogs. Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, decreased appetite, lethargy, and coughing.

Any pets that have been vaccinated for parainfluenza should be OK.

The closure is necessary because the shelter lacks space for isolating sick animals in specific kennels. Closing the facility entirely is the only way to safeguard the public and animals living there, according to the statement.

Anyone who notices symptoms of parainfluenza in their pets should call 989-797-4500 or contact a veterinarian.

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