Saginaw County BOC remain undecided on new Animal Control facility

SAGINAW COUNTY(WJRT)- (01/27/2020)-"There's no question about needing a new facility, that question's been answered and now we are trying to move forward to see that process happen," said Saginaw County Animal Control Director, Bonnie Kanicki.

More than two years after people in Saginaw County said yes to a new $11 million dollar animal control facility, County leaders still can't agree on where to build

At Monday's meeting, the Board of Commissioners were supposed to select one of two sites, they voted down one location, and held off voting on the other.

The site on Davenport in the city of Saginaw was rejected in a 6-5 vote.

The site on Bay Road in Kochville Township is still in the running.

Now, Commissioners, will consider Kochville Township or another location for the new facility.

"I think coming back to square one opens up a lot more additional possibilities for us," said Board Chair Michael Webster.

"The old one has exhausted it's usefulness, I believe at this point. We know still, though that we have one more yet difficult year there, "Kanicki said

The Board of Commissioners hope to make a decision during a meeting on March 17th.

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