Saginaw County digging out after latest blast of winter weather

SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) - (02/12/19) - Whether you use a shovel or a snowblower today was all about digging out.

"This is mostly dry and light so it's not a back breaker. I will go see my chiropractor though," laughed Jeff Larsen of Saginaw County.

Larsen and his two kids were out shoveling.

He knows it's just the first time. "This is a maintenance shovel. I'll probably shovel again in a few hours and again tomorrow and Friday," Larsen said.

While Larsen is thankful Tuesday morning's snow was easy to clear away, he's still worried about the icy patches underneath.

"I've got neighbors, like that's a hip ready to go if they step wrong, and that's not okay," Larsen said.

Frank Ostrowski is thankful for his snowblower. "Yeah, I don't know what I'd do without this."

Ostrowski is walking carefully as half his driveway is still covered with ice. Even so, he's not complaining. "The last one was what, eight-and-a-half inches? So this one wasn't too bad at all."

Afterall, the 80-year-old has had much more to shovel in his days. "Well, when I was a kid, we had snow up to our knees, you know. It was a lot worse. So I can't complain about this," Ostrowski said.

Larsen said it's been refreshing to see how this latest blast of winter weather has brought out the best in people. "That are not just doing their driveway, they're doing two, three houses along the way."

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