Saginaw County road crews budget time, resources to clear snowfall

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (12/11/2017) - By Michigan standards, this weekend's snow was not a big event.

But it still caused a lot trouble -- namely, 164 car crashes in Saginaw County alone.

Part of the problem, icy side streets and subdivisions, which the Saginaw County Road Commission was trying to treat on Monday.

"We knew the roads were going to get slippery," said Dennis Borchard, a manager with the road commission. "It doesn't take much."

It didn't take much for mid-Michigan roadways to become icy over the weekend. Conditions got so bad that northbound I-75 near Birch Run had to be shut down Sunday evening as emergency responders dealt with several accidents.

Salt trucks were back on the roads across Mid-Michigan on Monday, as more light snow fell.

"It's something that we are going to be fighting for a little bit, because even just a little bit of accumulation, we are going to be out there putting the salt back down," Borchard said.

He had 40 trucks on the road over the weekend, but they didn't even try to reach every street in the county.

"When it comes to weekends, our main concerns are getting our primaries, or secondary roads," Borchard said.

That left residential streets and subdivisions icy since early Saturday morning.

"Today we are concentrating on our local, subdivisions -- their stops, their intersections. They are very dicey," Borchard.

He hears complaints from time to time about the condition of side streets.

"Why don't you salt the whole subdivision? It's costly," Borchard said. "It's a battle. You have to budget your time."

He said people just have to be patient for a salt truck to get to their neighborhood and patient while driving.

"Slow down. That's the bottom line," Borchard said.

The Saginaw County Road Commission website where the public can track where plow trucks are working and even make suggestions on where plows are needed most.

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