Saginaw Valley Police K9 Association shows K9 demonstration at Dog Bowl

FRANKENMUTH (WJRT) - (05/25/19) - When people think of popular dogs, an aggressive K9 might not be at the top of that list.

Well, challenge accepted says The Saginaw Police Department. They pack the stands during their K9 Demonstration, and crowds are ecstatic to see the police dogs at work.

"Everybody gets to see our police cars driving around. You know you see the K9 car. Now, they can come in, sit in the car, check out the dogs, get to know the dogs. We get to tell all about them like where they're from. They speak different languages. They get to see how obedient they are, and then they get to actually see them do their work. It's rare to see a police K9 out actually doing work, and it's fun to see that," officer Rob Adams said.

The Saginaw Police Department has a booth set up that sells Saginaw Police goodies to help fund the dogs, which are part of the Saginaw Valley Police K9 Association. Officer Adam's K9, Deebo, is trained in narcotics, article searches, criminal apprehension, and human tracking.

During the presentations, volunteers can even participate to experience first-hand how K9s are trained to assist police. He says Deebo can be a big, bad dog when he's protecting over him, but when he isn't working and is out with everyone else, he's just a normal, loving dog.

"We like people to come meet the dogs and see they're not big, bad, veracious dogs. Kids can come up and pet them, get pictures with them, get our trading cards, and see that police officers are good guys, and they can come say hi anytime," Adams said.

The Saginaw Police Department will be back at Dog Bowl on Sunday for two exciting K-9 presentations at 11:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

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