Saginaw Police Department offering free active shooter response training

SAGINAW (WJRT) - (02/13/19) - The Saginaw Police Department is working to give community members knowledge that could save their life in deadly situations.

Sgt. Matt Ward and Officer Steve Lautner offer a free service to prepare people should they ever end up face-to-face with an active shooter.

"We want to get people into the mindset of knowing that there's something they can do to keep themselves safe," Ward said.

The three-in-one presentation focuses on how everyday people should respond. The areas of focus include responding to an active shooter, stopping the bleeding and trauma response.

The first part of the service is a security walk through. Before the presentation for businesses, churches, other non-profits and more, an officer will go through the building and look for possible issues.

"How are people coming in and out of your building, that's probably the biggest thing," Lautner said. "And we give out other pointers like a rubber doorstop, simply, cheap and inexpensive to secure and interior or exterior door."

On Wednesday, Lautner and Ward spoke to a group of people at the Jefferson One building, home to the United Way of Saginaw County, other nonprofits and some businesses.

They shared a popular method known as run, hide, fight, or evacuate, hide out, take action. The officers want to get people thinking about how they can help themselves.

"Run would be the best thing, but if you get out where are you going to go? Know where you're going to go," Lautner said.

The presentation moves into what you should do when help arrives.

"High stress situation, best thing you can do is stay down on the ground and listen to the police," Officer Lautner said.

Health care providers are part of the presentation too. What they teach could save your life or someone else's life if paramedics can't quickly reach people who are hurt.

"So if you can stop yourself from bleeding, if you're in the situation, whether it's an active shooter situation or just an accident at home, your chances of survival are so much greater if you have that knowledge," Ward said.

The free service is open to Saginaw businesses and other organizations. Call the Victim Services Unit at 989-759-1260 to learn more, or email Lautner at or Ward at

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