Trump merchandise for sale at Saginaw store

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 6:01 PM EST
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(12/4/19) - With the impeachment inquiry now in the hands of the House Judiciary Committee, there's even more pressure on President Donald Trump.

However, that's not stopping his supporters. Some in Mid-Michigan are already working to help re-elect the president in 2020.

While it only takes one tweet to reach millions, those working on campaign efforts know it takes a dedicated staff and thousands of volunteers to up their ground game.

From the outside -- and even the inside -- the Michigan Conservative Coalition office in Saginaw looks like a store selling Trump related items. But, its purpose is much more than selling hats, T-shirts or even offering cookies to those who enter.

"We get them in the door for that reason, really. But, then we connect with them about the ground game while they're in here. And, if they want to buy a hat or T-shirt, that's fine, but that's not what we're about," said Michigan Conservative Coalition Mid-Michigan Director Debra Ell.

The Michigan Conservative Coalition, which is not officially a part of the Republican Party in the state, is trying to grow its conservative base, especially among women, and help campaign in neighborhoods throughout Saginaw County.

"We're going to be registering people to vote. We register them here, right now today if they're not registered. So, when they come in the door, that's where we take them first, is to give them the handouts about our upcoming events," Ell said.

Several customers who walked in Wednesday were in full support of President Trump, despite his ongoing battle with House Democrats and a possible vote to impeach him for asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival.

"I think he's the only one that can run this country. Everybody else is just, 'What's in it for me.' And, this is the first guy that ain't worried about 'What's in it for me,'" said Omer resident Jerry Thomas.

"I support the president because I think some people are trying to make him out to be worse than he really is for their own political reasons and agendas. And I really don't think President Trump is that bad," added Gena Smith from Hemlock.

Others took a more neutral stance on the president's policies.

"I feel that when it comes to politics, you can believe whatever you want, as long as what your beliefs are don't affect what my beliefs are. So, I think it's legal and that's what they want to do," commented Lauren Randazzo from Saginaw Township.

The coalition will be open on Wednesdays and Saturdays through the holidays, before transforming into a full-time campaign office, as the presidential race heats up next year.

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