Saginaw, Saginaw County waiting for big tax bill to be paid

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One of the biggest unpaid property tax bills in Saginaw involves a demolition site.

The county tax bill for the former TRW plant in Saginaw has topped $130,000 while the city is owed another $80,000.

The work started at the beginning of the year and continues today at the former TRW Automotive Plant.

The unpaid property taxes is more than $200,000 and climbing.

But while the owner is looking into the matter he does say that site on the east side of Saginaw could be adding some jobs to the property soon.

"It always concerns us when folks can't make their obligations to pay taxes," says Saginaw County Treasurer Tim Novak.

One of the biggest concerns for the city of Saginaw and Saginaw County is the property tax bill on about 77 acres on Genesee Avenue.

"The bigger the tax bill gets the more difficult it is to catch up and pay off," says Novak.

The former auto plant was purchased in 2018 by Applied Partners out of West Virginia, a company that revitalizes industrial land. But the company hasn't paid the property taxes for last year, and hasn't made a payment this year either.

The city says its owed about 87,000 dollars, while the county is due 132,000, nearly 220 thousand dollars in all.

"Even if we see a fraction of the payment for this, it would be a sizable amount, it would be noticeable," says Novak.

)Mark Cenit is co-owner of the company and says "the company is working to figure out what is owed and address it as soon as it is able to." County treasurer Tim Novak hopes to see a check soon.

"You hope people pay on time, and its not abnormal to be a year behind, they are managing cash flow and things like that," says Novak.

(Terry)While Cenit says he is working on the taxes, he also says he is "Working with a purchaser for the property If it works out, the property will be put to good use and jobs will be created."

But if the taxes aren't paid, the budgets of the entities that are supposed to receive the tax dollars could suffer, like schools.

Novak says foreclosure for failure to pay taxes wouldn't start until March of 2021.