Saginaw school presents improvement plan to School Board

Published: Jan. 22, 2018 at 10:17 PM EST
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There is a new plan in place to turn around a struggling school in the Saginaw district. Three Saginaw schools are under the state's microscope -- targeted because they have specific needs for improvement. Saginaw High School and Jesse Loomis have already presented their partnership agreement to the state -- Monday, it was Jessie Rouse Elementary in the spotlight.

"What can we do to create this posiitve envoirnment that's going to trickle down into our education?" said Debra Williams, Jessie Rouse Elementary Principal

That's a question Jesse Rouse Elementary school principle Debra Williams believes her staff now has the answer to. Tonight, educators met with the school board to present their plan to turn around the struggling school.

"Looking at scores I'm data driven, so most of the thngs we did last year was put the data on the table, data speaks for everything, no faces, no people, this is who we are and what are going to do about it?" said Williams

The first thing Williams says they want to do, change the way students view the enviornment in which they learn and the way students relate to those teaching the lessons.

"We knew that getting our culture together because of our location was going to be a big help in getting what we needed done, so we had to have our culture revamped in order to get students to understand what it is to learn." said Williams

At the top of the list of priorties, reading.

" Because if you can't read the directions they are asking you in math, you're, you'done might know how to do the problem, but i don't kknow what they are asking me to do, so wewe targeted, we knew that before they ever targeted us, we knew we had to target to target everything else." said Williams

Superintendent Nate McClain believes as whole the district can improve, but it takes time

"I'm proud of the progress that the district has made relative to improvements to academically, especially in math, you can go to our website to see where the student growth is occuring, practically across the board, so very optimistic about academics in the city of Saginaw." said Nate McClain, Saginaw Schools Superintendent

Each partnership agreement includes an 18 month and 36 month progress reports.

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