Saginaw Public Schools requiring students to have their phones in locked pouches

Published: Feb. 14, 2019 at 11:28 PM EST
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(2/14/2019) - Saginaw Public Schools are taking a strong stance on phones in classrooms.

The district will be giving students locked pouches for their handheld devices starting next week. Students will come to school with the pouches and have their phones locked inside.

Students and parents are mixed about the change. The Fraziers are divided on the school district decided to purchase $27,000 worth of locked pouches.

Jamaria Fraizer, a freshman at Saginaw High School, is against her school district requiring students to put their phones up in locked pouches for the day.

"I don't think there's cause for it because students still be on their phones and I think it's pointless for us to have them,” Jamaria said.

Her mom is hoping this is going to get kids to pay more attention to class.

“Me, myself, personally I would think that they somewhat of a good idea as far as it in class,” Roslyn said.

Saginaw Public Schools purchased these locked pouches from Yondr and celebrities like Dave Chappelle and Donald Glover have used them at their events.

It's a move to keep the audience more involved in the event and less on their phone.

Saginaw Superintendent Ramont Roberts is hoping this new policy is going to pay dividends in the classroom. A statement from the district says administrators hope no phones in class will reduce distractions and enhance learning.

So, when school starts students will lock their phones in a pouch, which they get to keep. They'll get to unlock them at the end of the day by tapping on an unlocking base.

"Phones are a distraction in the classroom teachers can't teach, and there's a lot of stuff going on with that phone; recording, taking people's privacy and cheating,” Detrianna Barnes said.

Roslyn says the one change she would like to see.

"During lunchtime, I would like for them to be able to in case of an emergency was to occur to be able to contact someone to keep help immediately,” Roslyn said.

The school says in case of emergency students can use an office phone.

If a student is caught using their cell phone during school, they could face suspension.

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