Saginaw Township school superintendent explains decision to have class

SAGINAW TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (02/13/19) - More than 100 school districts canceled classes on Wednesday, but Saginaw Township Community Schools was not one of them.

Superintendent Bruce Martin said the decision to cancel school comes after hours of surveying roads and consulting several sources.

A team surveys the roads hours before students are set to arrive and on Wednesday Martin said the district's main roads and subdivisions were in decent shape.

"Saginaw Township doesn't have all the back country roads that many of them do and those were the ones that where experiencing a lot of the drifting. We didn't have that issue," Martin said.

A couple other safety factors to consider include the wind chill and if any ice is headed our way.

"To me it was a good call, it was a tough call. We've had an awful lot of phone calls and concerns from parents disagreeing with me and I certainly understand that," Martin said.

Martin said some felt the district had school because of student count day. It's when the state determines how much per pupil funding a district receives.

Martin said school count day was never a factor.

"What people need to understand is count day in Michigan actually lasts 10 days. So today's the opening of that 10-day window," he said.

So if a student missed Wednesday, they could be counted any of the following nine days.

Martin said a lot goes into making the decision about whether or not to hold school and Wednesday he decided it was safe for students.

"When you add all that together, we needed to have our kids in school and continue on with their education," Martin said.

Martin said the district will be adding March 1 back onto the school calendar. Previously it was a flex day, but now students will be in class.

Overall, the district has missed nine days of school, but Heritage High School has an additional two days. Last fall, an equipment malfunction forced school leaders to cancel classes there.

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