Police officer helps homeless man shave in Saginaw Township woman's photo

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (9/13/2019) - A Detroit police officer helped a homeless man shave outside of Comerica Park after a rained out Tigers game this week.

Jill Schafer of Saginaw Township captured this photo of a Detroit police officer helping shave a homeless man near Comerica Park.

A Saginaw Township woman leaving the stadium captured the poignant scene.

"The baseball game got rained out as soon as we got there," said Jill Schafer.

Wednesday started out disappointing for Schafer and her family after the Tigers game was rained out. As they were leaving Comerica Park to exchange tickets, she saw a police officer and a man.

"I saw white stuff and I thought well maybe he is bandaging him up," Schafer said.

She got a bit closer.

"As I got closer I could tell he was shaving him and he was taking a towel and wiping him and did his entire face for him," Schafer said.

The sight of a police officer helping a man along the street shave on a rainy day made Schafer pull out her phone and take a couple of pictures.

"He didn't even know that people were watching and taking pictures and it just kind of happened," Schafer said.

The police officer is Jeremy Thomas, a three-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department. He just wanted to help the man.

"I walked up and said, 'Excuse me sir,' and at that point he said, 'I will leave, I will leave,' and I said, 'No, do you need some help,' and he turned around blindly and said, 'Yes, thank you, God bless,'" Thomas said.

The man he helped is Stanley Nelson.

"He got a heart and he understands when you are out on the streets look out for somebody because God will look out for you," Nelson said.

Schafer posted the picture on social media but had no idea it would go viral.

"I didn't share it publicly. I shared it just to my private page. I only shared it publicly because people asked me to so they could share it," she said.

While she had no idea the photo would be shared so much and get all this publicity, Schafer is glad that a police officer is getting attention for doing his job, and then some.

"This day and age, cops get so much bad publicity that I thought why not share something nice about police officers," Schafer said.