Woman beaten in Saginaw's Jefferson One Building back home, suspect charged

SAGINAW (WJRT) - (02/13/18) - A Birch Run woman attacked while working in Saginaw last week has been released from the hospital.

Kathy Rogers courtesy of Matt Rogers

Kathy Rogers suffered critical injuries on Feb. 6 while she worked at the READ Association of Saginaw County. The non-profit is located in the Jefferson One Building across the street from the Saginaw Police Department.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for Rogers, the 65-year-old was released from the hospital Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Over the weekend she had surgery on her jaw and nasal bone. She's home recuperating ahead of another surgery to repair her left eye.

"My mom is a miracle. It is a miracle that she's alive and thank you for praying. Please continue to do so as we have a long path to my mom's physical and emotional recovery, and my entire family's healing," said Matt Rogers, Kathy Rogers' son.

Matt Rogers joined Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth and others for a news conference to update the case.

"This experience has shook my family to our core. We have cried many tears, and there will be more tears as we process what has happened," Rogers said.

Police believe Timothy Green, 34, attacked Kathy Rogers. A community member identified Green from surveillance video police released to the media.

Another tip helped police find Rogers after the attack. Rogers was not able to call for help after she was beaten.

"He witnessed an individual last week throw a coat and a purse into a dumpster, and that's what got this all started," Ruth said.

The dumpster was located near the Saginaw Board of Education building on Millard, a few blocks from the Jefferson One Building where the attack took place.

Green was also caught on several surveillance cameras, including cameras in the Jefferson One Building and St. Mary's of Michigan.

Police arrested him a day after the attack. Officers from several agencies worked around the clock to find him.

"We don't run across these types of cases very often. It's a very heinous crime, very heinous. And you take it to heart when you see something like this," Ruth said.

A Saginaw County District Court judge formally charged Green with Assault with Intent to Murder and Unarmed Robbery. He could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted.

This is not Green's first crime, but it is the first arrest for a violent crime. Court records also show the parolee has suffered from mental illness. Click on the 'Related Link' with this story to learn more about his background from a previous ABC12 story.

"Having the perpetrator caught is a huge relief to us during this horrible time," Matt Rogers said.

Matt Rogers said his mother, as well as his father, spent decades as educators in Saginaw County. They also attend church in Saginaw.

He said his mother would not want this one act to define the community she loves. "It would sadden her if this violent, evil, unspeakable crime done by one individual was to mar an entire community."

Tuesday evening Matt Rogers will lead a discussion at the family's church, First Presbyterian Church in Saginaw, about finding forgiveness moving forward. Everyone is welcome to join them and pray for his mother. The service begins at 7:30 p.m.

"She has a strong will to survive and we cherish your prayers for a miraculous and full recovery," Matt Rogers said.

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