Saginaw County students partner up to feed the hungry

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SAGINAW (WJRT) - (03/30/2019) - Over 100,000 people and counting - that's how many meals Saginaw County students and Kids Against Hunger Coalition have been able to pack the past 6 years.

And it all started back in 2013 because of some parents who wanted to make a difference.

"It really got started with a few of our key parents wanting to do something with their students and really just saying there's a bigger issue out here; let's see how we can bring awareness to it, raise some funds, do a great thing and show our students along the way as well," said Kelly Breasbois, the advancement and Marketing director for Nouvel Catholic Central School.

Even though it's spring break for many of the students it didn't stop them from gathering in the cafeteria of Nouvel Catholic Central High School.

“I think everyone should be a part of it,” said Ashton Wright, Nouvel sophomore. “It's just cool because I'm a part of something bigger than me and just knowing that I'm helping someone out there get food, it's just really cool.”

Nouvel sophomore Ashton Wright has been helping the cause since he was just 10-years-old.

"It teaches us that we have to give back to the community, it's very important because we've got everything and God wants us to give back and that's our mission in life," said Wright.

The prepared meals go to help not only those locally but globally for disaster relief as well.

This is the second year that Nouvel sophomore Catherine Buko has been involved.

"I just thought it was really interesting, only 28 cents per meal can provide this much food for families and I wanted to participate in that and provide food for people,” said Buko. “It's saving people's lives; it's giving food to those who can't provide for themselves.

Along with Nouvel, students from Carrollton, Birch Run, Swan Valley, White Pine Middle School and the Saginaw Career Complex participated as well.

Students each year hold fundraisers as well to help fund the annual event.

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