Saginaw baby death prompts warning

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SAGINAW (WJRT) - (04/07/17) - Police are reminding people of the dangers of sleeping with infants after a Saginaw child died this week.

Little Scarlett Moore was born on April 2 and was sleeping with her family Thursday morning, but when her family woke up, they realized she wasn't breathing.

“Yesterday we woke up and discovered our daughter was unconscious and wasn't breathing,” said Carl Moore, Scarlett’s father.

Scarlett was just four days old and living with her family on Porter Street in Saginaw. That's where she was born.

To comfort the baby Wednesday night, Carl and Scarlett’s mom laid down with the little girl.

“We laid down with our daughter and went to sleep, nothing unusual, and then we woke up and she wasn't breathing, and they ruled she died of suffocation,” Carl said.

An ambulance came, along with police.

“We don't expect any foul play or anything like that,” said Reggie Williams, with the Saginaw Police.

Williams says deaths like this are 100 percent preventable.

Statistics show that about 140 babies in Michigan die each year while they are sleeping. Sometimes it’s an accident in a crib where a blanket and other item suffocates the child. In other cases, it happens because of co-sleeping with the baby, which is what happened in Scarlett’s case.

Williams reminds everyone there is help for new moms and dads with questions on safe-sleeping practices.

“Anytime that we have new babies being born, we just want parents to realize that there are services available for free cribs to be given out and taken home and put them together, and have them sleep in the crib,” Williams said.

Carl says his little baby had her own bed, but the decision was made to co-sleep.

“Just let people know, make sure you wake up in between hours to check on your child,” he said.

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