Saginaw man dies 15 months after shooting on Hess Avenue

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (7/24/2019) - More than a year since a Saginaw man was shot, he died from his injuries on Monday.

Damontae Fluellen died about 15 months after he was shot on Hess Avenue in Saginaw on March 11, 2018.

That changes the investigation into the shooting of 28-year old Damontae Fluellen and four other people into a murder case.

Fluellen was shot outside his mother's Saginaw home on Hess Avenue in March of 2018. He survived, but lingered in a near vegetative state for months until he died this week.

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"Damontae was a happy kid," said his mother, Rosetta Biggins. "Everywhere you see him he was always smiling, cracking jokes on everybody."

She said the shooting that led to Fluellen's death in the early morning hours of March 11, 2018, happened when he and a number of other people were outside the house.

"Trying to break up a fight among friends, he got hit three times," Biggins said.

Four other people were shot, but Fluellen got the worst of it. Michigan State Police say nobody has been arrested in connection with the case.

"He was in a vegetative state, so he couldn't do anything by himself anymore," Biggins said.

An autopsy will be done to determine a cause of death to make sure there wasn't an unknown medical issue, but Biggins believes the cause of death is those gunshots.

"He had major complications after he got shot," she said.

Fluellen's sister, Micahasia Biggins, said none of the violence that night was meant for him. She remembers he had "the biggest heart ever."

"No matter what, my mom, me and my brother are going to have my mom's back through all of this and be strong for her," Micahasia Biggins said.

Rosetta Biggins said her son often invited people to her house and she believes she knows the person who pulled the trigger that morning.

"We used to work together," she said. "I just ask that he do the right thing and turn himself in."

The family is gathering for a funeral to remember a man who most likely will become the Saginaw's 18th homicide for 2018, the latest victim of gun violence.

"They most definitely need to put (the guns) down, Rosetta Biggins said. "We have so many babies out here. Who is going to be the example for them?"