Saginaw officers won't be charged for deadly shooting after K-9 Deebo was stabbed

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (2/27/2020) - The two officers who shot and killed Zane Blaisdell after he allegedly stabbed police K-9 Deebo in the head will not face any criminal charges.

The Saginaw County Prosecutor's Office released a statement Thursday clearing both officers of criminal wrongdoing and ruling 49-year-old Blaisdell's shooting a justifiable homicide.

A Saginaw police officer responded to the residence in the 600 block of Sheridan Avenue on the morning of Feb. 9. A neighbor called 911 to report seeing lights flickering inside, which he believed was a distress signal.

Blaisdell and his roommate had a tumultuous relationship involving several serious domestic violence incidents, according to Prosecutor John McColgan.

The officer walked over to Blaisdell's residence and knocked on the door, but nobody answered. The officer heard a commotion and yelling inside, so he called on his radio for backup, McColgan said.

Blaisdell's roommate eventually appeared in a window and told the officer he was being held against his will. That led the officer to request assistance of all available police, according to McColgan.

The officer was able to force open the front door partially and deploy a Taser on Blaisdell with minimal effect. He used the Taser again on Blaisdell and knocked him on the ground, which allowed the roommate to escape, McColgan said.

Blaisdell retreated farther into the residence. The officer requested K-9 Deebo to respond with his handler after hearing Blaisdell was armed with a large knife, McColgan said.

After repeatedly ordering Blaisdell to come outside, Deebo's handler released the K-9 into the residence. Both officers saw the dog run into a room with a curtain hanging in the doorway and heard a struggle inside, according to McColgan.

The officers went into the small room with the guns drawn. They encountered Deebo latched on the arm of Blaisdell, who was carrying a large knife, and dragging him to the floor under a table, McColgan said.

The officers knocked over the table and saw Blaisdell still holding the handle of a knife, which he had stabbed into Deebo's head. One of the officers fired several shots at Blaisdell when Blaisdell tried to sit up while holding the knife handle, McColgan said.

The other officer also fired two or three shots at Blaisdell, because he was concerned about his safety and Deebo's, McColgan said. Both officers stopped shooting when Blaisdell stopped moving.

After the shooting, McColgan said Deebo's handler removed the 10-inch knife blade and rushed him to an emergency veterinary clinic. Two other officers began performing CPR on Blaisdell.

McColgan pointed out that Deebo had been stabbed and his handler was within arm's reach of Blaisdell when the officers fired their weapons and Blaisdell was actively resisting arrest.

Neither officer will face criminal charges after McColgan's decision.

Deebo underwent multiple surgeries to clean, drain and close his stab wound. He remains off the job while recovering from his injuries.