Saginaw parents get extra tool to help with online learning

(Photo: Pixabay)(MGN)
(Photo: Pixabay)(MGN)(KWQC)
Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 6:51 PM EDT
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(04/15/2020)-"The quarantine has been kind of driving everybody crazy," said parent, Lena Jennings.

Like many parents across the state--school has been in session at the Jennings house for the past few weeks

"You run out of ideas, so it's been pretty rough," she said.

Jennings, along with dozens of other parents, stood in line for nearly two hours outside of Stone Elementary in Saginaw this morning to pick up a chrome book.

It will be used to to help her 2 children enrolled in the Saginaw School District, with their online learning.

Jennings said having an actual course of action when it comes to remote learning, is helpful.

"The teachers, they have been calling, they have been emailing," Every week, you get something, but now they are going to mandate it, so that's pretty good,"Jennings said.

"It's new territory for us. We are trying to work our way through it, we are all in it together, working together to try to make it work for the students." said Stone Elementary Principal, Joe Womack.

Wambeck said they have already given out more than 60 chrome books thiat morning.

"It's important for kids to stay on task and continue their learning, even if it's just offering a review or even some enrichment activities online, every bit is important." Womack said.

Jennings headed straight home with the chromebook-- to make sure her kids can get started.

"Yes, because they were already arguing over the tablet at home, so this will work out real good." she said.

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