Saginaw still dealing with mountains of illegally dumped garbage

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (11/9/2018) - The city of Saginaw has made a lot of progress knocking down more than 1,000 abandoned homes, but that has created a new problem: More illegal dumping.

The trash in many cases is being dumped on land where a home was just demolished.

"It is unbelievable how disrespectful people can be," Saginaw code enforcement officer Terry Collier said.

Trash, from furniture to just plain garbage has been dumped on property. In many cases, the waste is placed on land where a home was just demolished.

"Now they went from one corner down to the next. It's getting longer and longer," said Sandera Brodnex.

She sees junk and garbage all over when she walks down 18th Street on the city's east side.

"As soon as they pick it up, they put more out here," Brodnex said. "I think they should put a camera out here to catch who is doing this, because it's a disgrace."

Collier said the code enforcement team tries to keep up with the illegal dumping, even enlisting the help of volunteers to clean up the garbage.

"Then we turn around and these folks dump anything and everything from mattresses to chairs," he said. "These people should be ashamed of themselves."

Brodnex lives near a makeshift dump site and she doesn't believe her neighbors have anything to do with it.

"They must be coming from somewhere else," Brodnex said.

Collier said it's possible a program like Blight Watch could be started in an attempt to mirror the success of Arson Watch.

Brodnex has a message for the dumpers.

"Whoever doing this, I hope you stop littering, because you are making Saginaw look bad," she said.

Collier asks anyone who sees littering or illegal dumping happen to call 911 immediately.