Saginaw woman accused of lying to protect brother in shooting, arson trial

Stephanie McCray
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SAGINAW (WJRT) (2/12/2019) - A Saginaw woman charged with perjury is accused of lying to protect her brother while he was on trial for a shooting and arson case.

Stephanie McCray, 28, faces up to life in prison. Investigators say lied when she claimed to be an alibi for her older brother, Farris McCray, who was acquitted of all charges on Jan. 24.

Stephanie McCray testified during the trial that Farris was with her when the alleged shooting and arson took place. However, prosecutors say she was actually in custody at the Saginaw County Jail when the crime took place.

Farris McCray was charged with attempted murder, second-degree arson, conspiracy and shooting at a building. He was on trial with Troy McClain Jr.

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Both were acquitted of all charges in that particular case. However, both remain in custody -- Farris McCray is awaiting trial on two additional charges while McClain is serving a life without parole sentence in prison for a separate first-degree murder case.

Stephanie McCray was arraigned on her perjury charge on Tuesday and the court entered a not guilty plea on her behalf. She is scheduled to appear in court again Feb. 26 and March 5.

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