Saginaw woman treated for brown recluse spider bite

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SAGINAW, Michigan (WJRT) - (05/10/17) - A Mid Michigan woman is on the mend after developing an infection from a spider bite on her arm.

Doctors believe she may have been bitten by a brown recluse spider in her Saginaw home last week.

Jessica Greenwald tells me when the red splotch on her arm started to blister she knew she had to get help.

For the first time in days Jessica Greenwald is back in the kitchen--preparing her favorite recipe for guacamole that she actually has an appetite for now.

Just four days ago she was in the ER on an IV Drip after being mis-diagnosed and sent home two days earlier.

"I was having a fever all the time, very nauseous, very lethargic, tired all the time," she explained.

Doctors believe she may have been bitten by the rare brown recluse spider--so they treated her with strong antibiotics and a round of steroids.

What began with slight blistering quickly developed into this - a huge fluid filled blister on her arm.

"It's obviously drained and the infection is starting to go away finally this is the best it's looked honestly," she noted showing her arm, which is slowly healing, on Wednesday night.

While Greenwald never found the spider., she cleaned out every nook and cranny in her home.

"When my doctor told me it most likely happened at home, overnight sleeping, I went crazy and started cleaning, I'm a clean freak so to have something happen here is unusual," she noted.

Physician Assistant Holly Cook says a big skin reaction to the brown recluse spider is pretty rare-- but if you experience a spider bite that has a blue center, or start to experience a high fever and chills and there's sign of infection --it's best to get it checked out.

"(If) It's getting way worse and we're onto the unbearable side - sometimes you just know - if it's not looking right it's time to go," Cook said.

Again the brown recluse spider is not native to Michigan and encounters are rare.

However it's a good thing that Jessica sought medical attention right away as her doctors told her if left untreated --that infection would have led to necrosis--destroying the tissue in her arm.

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