Saginaw's 6th annual Outhouse Race embraces snowy conditions

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SAGINAW (WJRT) - (02/16/2019) - A battle for number one and number two…as well third place.

The annual Outhouse Race pit seven teams against each other at Saginaw's Hoyt Park Saturday afternoon.

Some teams felt confident going into the race.

"We're going sub-par 8 seconds for sure, we're setting a record," said Michael Wale, a racer for the Moonshiners. "Conditions are perfect I think it's going to give us a nice smooth surface, hopefully the snow packs down on the runway and should be good."

The rules were simple: your outhouse must have a toilet seat and toilet paper and it must be mounted on skis.

Each teams goal - get to the finish line quickest by pushing, pulling or whatever means necessary.

And this year the Michigan winter finally cooperated and gave the race the ideal snowy conditions for the first time since 2016.

"It's perfect, in prior years we've had rain, not rain but really slushy, muddy conditions,” said Aaron Lerash, committee chair for Outhouse Race. “This year it's perfect. The wind died down yesterday so we're just really excited about the conditions this year."

Wale and his Moonshiners team, despite their confidence, quickly had their championship aspirations flushed away.

And at the end of the day - the team that came out sitting high on the porcelain throne? Fittingly, Remer Plumbing.

And what's a champion Outhouse Racer feel like after the race?

"Tired,” said Ryan Katz of Remer Plumbing, who shared their race secret. "A little Pam on the bottom of the skis."

The Spicer Group finished second; Big Ugly Fish finished third, all taking home cash prizes along with trophies.

As for the moonshiners - they came up empty on the race to the podium but won for the most creative outhouse.

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